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What is a Top Ad?

Your ad will always be first in the selected category per page or second position in the result list. More Top ads will be posted as places become available, the ads randomly played or rotate.


Through a top ad, you will receive up to 5 times more inquiries than comparable ads in the Category. Therefore, a top ad is a great way to Target users who are already searching for similar ads and are therefore very likely to be interested in your offer it is suitable for almost all ads.

You achieve more Attention both browsing and searching users, there your ads in category pages and in relevant search results stand up.

Term and Cost:

A top ad runs for seven days. The price for this will be shown to you before you make your booking. Booking the top ad does not extend the runtime of your ad. The extension must be added in due course to be made.

The date the ad was set is updated, not because of that.


To improve the effectiveness of your Top Ad additionally increase, make sure that the title, the picture and the content of your ad is optimally designed.

We are still in the testing phase, it will take a while until we can start...

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